Dairy Tech 2018!


On 7th February 2018

We are very excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Dairy Tech event based at Stoneleigh Park.

Come along and have a chat – we are at stand 150 in the Science, Technology & innovation Hall.



New Forage Service

DM Scientific Ltd are pleased to announce we are now providing NIR forage analysis. We are working with Cumberland Valley Analytical Services (CVAS) to provide this service to the UK market.

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services were started in 1992 and are one of the largest chemistry based feed labs in the United States, providing a comprehensive set of forage NIR evaluations.

We offer the following NIR packages:

NIR 1 Analysis
The NIR 1 Analysis includes tests for Dry Matter, Moisture, Crude Protein, ADF Protein, NDF Protein, Soluble Protein, ADF, NDF, Lignin, Starch, Sugar, Fat, Ash, Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Magnesium (Mg), and Potassium (K) with pH by traditional method on an ensiled forage. Calculated values are provided for Available Protein, Adjusted Protein, Degradable Protein, NEL, NEM, NEG (OARDC Summative Energy Equation), and NFC.

NIR 2 Analysis
The NIR 2 is the NIR 1 Analysis with wet-chemistry Minerals – Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), and Copper (Cu).

NIR 3 Analysis
The NIR 3 is the NIR 2 Analysis plus wet-chemistry on Chloride (Cl) and Sulfur (S).

NIR 4 Analysis
The NIR 4 is the NIR 2 Analysis plus wet-chemistry on Crude Protein, ADF, and NDF.

NIR 5 Analysis
The NIR 5 is the NIR 1 Analysis plus wet-chemistry on Crude Protein, ADF, and NDF.

NIR Plus Option
The NIR Plus Option provides 30 hour NDF Digestibility and an NIR evaluation of Fermentation acids (for ensiled forages) on the five NIR Analysis options listed above. For Corn Silages, the NIR Plus Option gives the additional value of Enzyme Available Starch and an indication (Low, Medium, or High) of soil contamination.

Upon sample receipt we mix, photograph and dry samples at 60C, grinding samples through a 1mm sieve. This procedure provides an excellent homogenous sample for analysis.

If you would like further information/prices please do not hesitate to contact us by email:info@dmscientific.co.uk or phone 01845 577757.